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Experienced consultants with unique business insights

We know that running a business isn’t easy.  It involves making tough and complex decisions, as well as accepting there are more grey areas than black and white. 

It’s about making a choice about doing the right thing or the easy thing – sometimes easy might be right!  

We are The Connectives.  A group of experienced consultants, with a track record at board, executive and senior leadership levels in commercial and social enterprises.  It’s a blend that gives us a unique insight into the challenges of setting up, leading, transforming and growing many forms of business.  

This means we know how difficult it is to make tough calls, particularly when you’re so close to the organisation, people and processes they’re about that it’s hard to be objective.

A Connective can act as a ‘critical friend’.  One who can take a step back and help you see your situation from a different angle.  By doing so, we can guide you in the right direction and support you in doing what needs to be done.

We know we can add new perspective to your business and spark brilliant ideas. And not only do we bring some big thinking, we can also keep it practical and we have evidence of how we’ve helped make the hard-to-believe a reality. 

The Connectives can help you picture exactly where you need to be; plan how to get there and even come with you on the journey.

We believe in growing prosperity by making a difference on three levels – people, profitability and planet – and use our expertise throughout the UK and around the world in supporting people, businesses and organisations to do this, with value that can be measured.

We will make a difference to your business or organisation by transforming culture, increasing productivity and improving performance. 

Talk to us.  Let us help you realise your goals.