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The Connectives is a group of people and organisational development, business strategy and innovation consultants. 

Our mission is to invest time, money and intellectual capital to develop partnerships and projects that deliver sustainable solutions.

We are energetic, committed and enthusiastic about what we do and how we do it.  And we like to sprinkle a bit of magic dust along the way.

  • People and organisation development 
  • Board and group structure development 
  • Commercial growth and business strategy support
  • Transformational change programmes
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership and employee development
  • Customer engagement and product/service development 
  • Social, economic and environmental impact assessment

The Connectives growth reflects our enduring relationships with clients. However, we are more than a for profit company. It’s important to us that services both meet client needs and contribute to broader economic and social wellbeing. Adding value is at the heart of our engagement process. We share clients’ excitement about changing things for the better.

What does it take to be a Connective?

A sense of adventure

If you invite us into your organisation you can expect a productive and professional relationship with highly motivated experts. We get excited about our areas of expertise and love sharing ideas and seeing real things happen.

What makes us different from many consultants is that our people have:

  • Real leadership experience in industry, public service and community based settings.
  • Been trained and are experienced in consultancy practice – some with some very big firms. 
  • Currently hold board positions – so know what its like to be out there now making tough decision. 
What we all have in common is that we choose to work through the Connectives, operating in a values based business, with clients who appreciate the difference.

Smart Cookies

The Connectives are committed to learning.

We want to share the latest knowledge and tried and tested methods – helping you to embed what’s right in your organisation. We’d like you to compete on the inside track.

As a Connective we understand that some assignments will set off fireworks. A Connective works with the discomfort that might provoke and harnesses the energy created as a result. You can rest assured that we’ll be alongside you to design realistic plans and activities.

Our aim? To lighten your load and accelerate your progress.

Critical Friends

When you’re ready to talk, we’re here to listen.

If you need expert advice, you need only ask.

A Connective knows when to observe, when to intervene, when to recommend time out and when to step aside.

We pay close attention at the discovery stage of our process. It’s important we get to know you and the nuances that make your organisation tick.

Together we can become inventive, devise original solutions and build your vision of the future.