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Big Love Sista event

The Connectives is delighted to support Big Love Sista, a social enterprise which inspires and motivates women from all social backgrounds to form friendships and create inspiring projects.

Big Love Sista is celebrating International Women’s Day with their ‘Big Juicy Event’ – Stand Up for Sistahood on 13th March.

The event will celebrate the social initiative that has helped to connect Liverpool and Merseyside leaders to this amazing health and well being programme – which encourages healing for vulnerable women in the city through the use of ‘expressive art’.  Funded by the NHS Big Love Sista offers therapeutic interventions addressing issues faced by vulnerable women in Liverpool recovering from domestic violence, breast cancer, older women in care homes living with dementia and others.

In solidarity over 200 ‘empowering goddess self-portraits’ have been created by some of Liverpool’s leading women and the portraits will be unveiled at the event before being showcased on tour around the city and across the UK.

Liz Cross, MD of the Connectives, Chair of Blackburne House group and Vice Chair of the Liverpool Womens NHS Foundation Trust said; “I felt moved when I heard Clare speak, at the Women’s Hospital’s AGM  this year, about the work of Big Love Sista.  She spoke passionately about her work, its impact and, how through art, facilitation and creative process, all of us can find our inner ‘goddess’- that sense of our selves that lies within and can carry us through good times and bad.  She called upon Women Leaders in the City to model courage and to participate in a short version of the programme. I felt compelled to say yes – and  to connect with this impressive energy that enables us all  to appreciate the vulnerability and strength that lies within.”

“I hope many may look up her work and to attend the launch of the leader’s goddesses on 13th March  2015 – see here for further details – and please take a moment to watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFk6GWo04vM&feature=share ”

Founder of Big Love Sista Clare Campbell believes that the power of creativity and art is the most successful medicine that can transform the world. “I’m so proud of our city and to have so many inspirational, talented and resourceful women on-board, who stepped out of their comfort zone to offer their stories and paintings in a very creative way. Like all Big Love Sista projects the message is clear – all women are super heroes who deserve to shine!”